Give birth to your idea

Do you have an idea for a product or service that is related to information technology?

Focus on sales & business development while we take care of getting your idea executed -developed and launched to market- either on an equity basis or otherwise.

Lean Approach

Iterative Process

We follow the proven iterative delivery process as our core methodology. Building a product or a service through small feedback loops produces fast, observable, and usable results that are right on target with the set expectations.

Transparent Pipeline

At project kickoff, we make sure that the right tools are in place and stakeholders are given access so that work progress and status at every phase in the delivery pipeline are visible. That way, everyone’s always on the same page, trust level remains high, and best of all- no surprises. 

Flexible Engagement

Our engagement approach is flexible. We offer to work under either the T&M model or the Equity model. Under the equity engagement model, we evaluate ideas based on several standard factors, and calculate a project’s feasibility score, which we then use to guide us in our decision of whether to invest or not to invest.

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