WebNova is an information technology company based in Calgary. We are passionate about making the world a better place through innovative information technology solutions.

We also love to help businesses take advantage of the efficiency the latest software applications provide, to do more with less.

We have helped big corporations as well as startups in innovating and capturing the abundant benefits that information technology is continuously providing day by day.

Our guiding principle is delivering on what we promise and add value to your business.

Our WebNova advantage is to introduce certainty and predictability to information technology investments that business, small and large, has been longing for.

Using our extensive experience in the information technology industry, we have figured out a pricing model that permits us to offer information technology services,  such as operational support, development and improvement, on preset fixed plans.

This provides our customers the advance knowledge of how much, when and what will be delivered on a predictable schedule. It’s budgeting made easy!